The Ambivalence Chronicles : BITS 1-3

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It all started, as so many good stories do, on eBay. However, when Phil Grundy snatches a pristine Sinclair ZX81 from under the nose of a fellow collector, he has no idea he has entered into more than just a bidding war. Phil soon discovers that shady forces have been uplifting home computers since the 1980s, and the same shady forces have an unusual interest in his latest purchase. Armed only with a ZX81 and a retired Dodge ambulance, Phil and his friends embark on an epic quest to stop the mysterious Assembly of Newly Uplifted Systems - a quest which will take them on a bizarre road trip that will seem oddly familiar to 80s kids. On the way, they encounter a pixelated dinosaur, a hi-vis ninja and a portal between reality and imagination. Then, just as Phil's day couldn't get any weirder, Phil's ZX81 announces it has become sentient... This paperback contains the first three Bits of The Ambivalence Chronicles in one volume: The Chip Whisperer, The Kempston Interface and The Road Worrier.

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